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Cacaye Invitation to Lush Beautiful SKin
Cacaye Invitation to Lush Beautiful SKin


“As a fit woman in my early 50s, I need something to keep my skin as fresh and youthful as I feel. I tried Cacaye and now it’s my go-to regimen.”

Davida G.

“The Superfruit Fermented Renewal Cream is wonderful at night.  It has a unique texture that is very light, but my skin is hydrated overnight, and I wake to a smooth soft skin.   

 I’m hooked for life.  What else is coming from CACAYE???”

Ann F.

“I absolutely love this CaCay + C Fermented Cleansing Oil. The scent is super light, and the formula removes all my makeup perfectly – no raccoon eyes after washing my face.”

Charli S.